Popular Additions & Remodeling Projects

[lvca_services per_line=”3″][lvca_service_item title=”Home Additions”]

Home additions are the perfect way to increase your living space without having to endure the lengthy and expensive process of selling your home and moving to a larger house.

We’re able to create additional bedrooms, recreation rooms, or rooms for any use.[/lvca_service_item][lvca_service_item title=”Bathroom”]

From a toilet replacement to a bath conversion; we can help you transform your outdated bathroom to an oasis of calm and contemplation.[/lvca_service_item][lvca_service_item title=”Kitchen”]Kitchen remodeling, backsplash, countertop

From custom cabinets and countertops, hardwoods or Ceramic Tile flooring, to removing walls to open up the space, and recessed and under cabinet lighting.

Whether you want a sleek contemporary kitchen or a cozy country kitchen, we can help make your dream kitchen a reality.[/lvca_service_item][lvca_service_item title=”Living Room”]living room remodeling, chimney, shelves, flooring

We can help you with every part of your family room or living room remodel or renovation, from changing the flooring to adding a new chimney or structural changes.[/lvca_service_item][lvca_service_item title=”Basement”]

When it comes to basement remodeling, there are multitude of options we will be able to help you, like changing flooring, painting, tiling, adding drywall partitions, repairing or replacing stairways, replacing or installing light fixtures and so much more.[/lvca_service_item][lvca_service_item title=”Sunroom”]Sunroom

A sunroom is totally unlike any other room in your house. Whatever you do at home now, you’ll enjoy doing it more in your new sunroom. Filled with natural light, it makes a fantastic art studio, hobby or craft room.[/lvca_service_item][/lvca_services]

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